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Welcome to the Tivyside Riding Club home page

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AREA HORSE TRIALS - 24th June Still looking for team/individuals by 24th May
This competition is being run by Area 20 at Llanymynych and Area 21, both Juniors and Seniors, have kindly been invited to join.
The TRC chef d'equipe is Petra James. The event is for Teams and Individuals. Please read the whole schedule, including the rules and contact Petra on 07977 210660 if you'd like to take part, stating which class you would like to be considered for and your horses full name by 20th May 2018. Please be aware that your horses Flu Vaccinations must be up to date to enter this competition.
If there is anybody not able to ride at this competition but would like to help out by volunteering their time this donation would be greatly received!

Tivyside Family Show success....

What a day we had! The sun shone...the horses gleamed and everyone was smiling at the wondefully relaxed Tivyside Family show at Mrak Davies' Penparc venue.
Our overall well deserved Supreme Champion Dionne Short with the evergreen Tiger, stole many hearts on the day as well as those of Supreme Championship judges Ridden judge John Fletcher, Working Hunter judge Jane Jones, and In Hand Judge Tracey Williams.

A big thank you to everyone who helped set up and take down the show and to the stewards on the day, along with members of the Tivyside committee for all their hard work behind the scenes and on the day providing secretary through to lunch provision.

We look forward to welcoming you all next year.

Supreme Champion - Dionne Short with Tiger

Photo courtesy of Zoe Middleton Photography.
Phots will be available at: https://www.facebook.com/zoemphoto/

Family show May 2018
INHAND SHOWING - Sponsored by CCF   

1st Dylan Phillips & Pablo, 2nd Shannon Foley & Menai Fancy Lloyd, 3rd Christine Selby & Diamond Lady TRC, 4th Rhianne Fulton & Durnoch, 5th Freya Parkes & Hollyvale Senator
1st Freya Parkes & Hollyvale Senator, 2nd Tyler Hoyland & Teddy, 3rd Noah Davies & Poppy, 4th Jessica Anthony & Menai Romano
1st Nina James & Maesmynach Masterpiece TRC, 2nd Stacey Jones & Remy, 3rd Angie Pike & Terackie Emir, 4th Christina Butler & Golden Ghost
1st Nina James & Maesmynach Masterpiece TRC, 2nd Louise Russell & Ceinfwyddfach Seren Aur, 3rd Ivor Wynn Jones & Debevans Tiger Lily, 4th Shannon Foley & Menai Fancy Lloyd, 5th Elizabeth Mathias & Abercippyn Bartud, 6th Noah Davies & Poppy
1st Dylan Phillips & Pablo, 2nd Louise Russell & Ceinfwyddfach Seren Aur, 3rd Shannon Foley & Menai Fancy Lloyd, 4th Angie Pike & Terackie Emir, 5th Sue Gorley & Just Tobias, 6th Sian Robinson & Tessa
1st Stacey Jones & Remy, 2nd Angie Pike & Terackie Emir, 3rd Mair Rees & Seren TRC, 4th Anna Wilshaw & Kevin

1st Lisa Wells & Royal Pursuit, 2nd Sue Gorley & Just Tobias, 3rd Freya Parkes & Hollyvale Senator, 4th Sian Robinson & Tessa
1st Ivor Wynn Jones & Debevans Tiger Lily, 2nd Freya Parkes & Hollyvale Senator, 3rd Anna Wilshaw & Kevin TRC, 4th Kelly Drewett & Blod, 5th Sian Robinson & Tessa
CHAMPION - Nina James & Maesmynach Masterpiece  
RESERVE - Dylan Phillips & Pablo 

RIDDEN SHOWING - Sponsored by Chiron Equestrian
BEST TURNED OUT INC LEAD REIN 1st Sophie Jones & Dragon, 2nd Maisie Hickin & Rosy, 3rd Barry Thomas & William, 4th Emily Anthony & Bedwhirion Glyn, 5th Sian Robinson & Tessa LEAD REIN 1st Maisie Hickin & Rosy, 2nd Sophie Jones & Dragon, 3rd Rose Forsyth & Shammy, 4th Teigan Roberts & Roxy, 5th Noah Davies & Cleopatra
=1st Michelle Fletcher & Bangaher ROR with Rhianne Fulton & Durnoch
1st Megan Whatmore & Kim, 2nd Ellin Jenkins & Dolly TRC, 3rd Carla Dunn & Loui, 4th Lisa Wells & Royal Pursuit, 5th Rose Forsyth & Shammy,
1st Hannah Warren & Poppins TRC, 2nd Michelle Fletcher & Bangaher ROR, 3rd Ellin Jenkins & Dolly, 4th Xannine Fletcher & Badger, 5th Christine Selby & Diamond Lady, 6th Louise Harris & Genal Nala
1st  Megan Whatmore & Kim, 2nd Jessica Anthony & Menai Romano, 3rd Mair Wilshaw & Buzz, 4th Imogen Holloway & Bryn, 5th Ollie Holloway & Bryn  
1st Dionne Short & Tiger, 2nd Ellin Jenkins & Misty TRC, 3rd Michelle Fletcher & Bangaher ROR, 4th Jo Collins & Tom Jones, 5th Louise Harris & Genal Nala, 6th Lisa Wells & Royal Pursuit COLOURED HORSE/PONY
1st Heather Platten & Rosie, 2nd Louise Russell & Ceinfwyddfach Seren Aur, 3rd Emily Anthony & Bedwhirion Glyn, 4th Alyson Horsley & Mister Smiley
SNR - 1st Hannah Warren & Poppins TRC, Millie Davies & Finn, 3rd Dawn Russell & Ceinewydd Fach Flashman
JNR – 1st Tyler Hoyland & Teddy
PURE BRED NOT M&M 1st Ellin Jenkins & Misty TRC, 2nd Michelle Fletcher & Bangaher ROR PART BRED 1st Millie Davies & Max TRC , 2nd Hannah Warren & Cei, 3rd Christine Selby & Diamond Lady, 4th Alyson Horsley & Mister Smiley
PAIRS 1st Sophie Jones & Dragon with Tyler Hoyland & Teddy
CHAMPION - Dionne Short & Tiger
RESERVE - Ellin Jenkins & Misty 

WORKING HUNTER - Sponsored by J&C Selby Farriers

1st Amy Sibely & Brandy, 2nd Genna George & Theo, 3rd Claire Morley & Solly TRC , 4th Christine Selby & Diamond Lady, 5th Claire Sharkey & Murphy, 6th Xannine Fletcher & Badger
1st Amy Sibely & Brandy, 2nd Megan Whatmore & Kim, 3rd Llinos Wilshaw & Pickles
1st Claire Morley & Solly TRC, 2nd Llinos Wilshaw & Pickles, 3rd Jason James & Cardi, 4th Hannah Warren & Poppins
EX 13HH & NOT 15HH
1st Grace Morris & Suzy, 2nd Heather Platten & Rosie
TB/ROR/TB TYPE 1st Michelle Fletcher & Bangaher TRC, ROR
1st Ashleigh Hill & Fantasia, 2nd Dionne Short & Tiger, 3rd Jason James & Viv TRC, 4th Jo Collins & Tom Jones, 5th Genna George & Theo, 6th Louise Harris & Genal Nala
CHAMPION - Ashleigh Hill & Fantasia
RESERVE - Megan Whatmore & Kim

- Dionne Short & Tiger
RESERVE - Ellin Jenkins & Misty    

SHOW JUMPING - Sponsored by Bailey Farm
SNR - 1st Jean Jenkins & Freddie TRC, 2nd Claire Sharkey & Murphy
JNR - 1st Catrin Davies & Kestrel, 2nd William Hoyland & Teddy, 3rd Mair Wilshaw & Buzz, 4th Ella Williams & Poppy
SNR - 1st Jason James & Cardi TRC, 2nd Christine Selby & Diamond Lady, 3rd Elin Jenkins & Dolly
JNR - 1st Catrin Davies & Kestrel, 2nd Ella Williams & Poppy, 3rd Llinos Wilshaw & Pickles, 4th William Hoyland & Bounty
SNR - 1st Genna George & Theo, 2nd Jo Collins & Tom Jones TRC & Wenrock Trophy, 3rd Jason James & Viv, 4th Mike Viner & Vida, 5th Mike Viner & Crystal, 6th Mike Viner & Daisy
JNR - 1st Catrin Davies & Kestrel, 2nd Grace Morris & Suzy, 3rd Tabitha Burkett & Duffy
SNR - 1st Jason James & Viv TRC, 2nd Emma La Page & Tam Tam, 3rd Mike Viner & Crystal, 4th Louise Harris & Genal Nala, 5th Wendy Roberts & Miss May, 6th Mike Viner & Daisy
JNR - 1st Tabitha Burkett & Duffy, 2nd Grace Morris & Suzy
SNR - 1st Emma La Page & Tam Tam, 2nd Wendy Roberts & Miss May TRC, 3rd Jason James & Viv
JNR - 1st Tabitha Burkett & Duffy


JNR - 1st Jessica Anthony & Mennai Romano
SNR - 1st Christine Linfoot Symmons & Beatle TRC, 2nd Jo Gale, 3rd Alyson Horsley & Mister Smiley, 4th Kerry-Ann Knight & Diffy, 5th Rhianne Fulton & Durnoch, 6th Carla Dunn & Loui
JNR - 1st Emily Anthony & Bedwhirion Glyn
SNR - 1st Hannah Warren & Poppins TRC, 2nd Christine Linfoot Symmons & Beatle, 3rd Jean Jenkins & Freddie, 4th Louise Harris & Genal Nala, 5th Efa Jones & Pili Pala
1st Branwen Davies & Cai, 2nd Wendy Roberts & Miss May TRC, 3rd Jo Collins & Tom Jones NOVICE 27
1st Wendy Roberts & Miss May TRC, 2nd Sarah Morgan & Ellis
HIGHEST % & FRAZZI TROPHY - Hannah Warren & Poppins

Area 21 qualifiers  

Tivyside Pearls perfect win

The Tivyside Pearls topped the leaderboard at the BRC Area 21 Combined Training at P:ibwr Lwyd today.
The team consisted of Sophie Spiteri with ARC Lighter also taking first place in the HT90 section with Hannah Warren and Penstrumbly Mary Poppins securing second in the HT90. Joanna Collins and Cwmmeudwy Tom Jones took second in the HT100 with Helen Williams and Tallolah II grabbing 7th spot. They all jumped clear apart from Hannah who had an unlucky fence one pole...and Sophie had a 9 for her centre line in the dressage. So...off to the Champs at Aston Le Walls on the 20th May .
The Tivyside Daimonds took 6th place with Sophie and Silmi taking 6th in the HT90, , Jane Griffiths and Wheedle the 9th spot and Wendy Roberts and Miss May individual 6th in the HT100.
Sophie and Wendy had clears and Jane had a very unlucky tap for one down. 
A wonderful time was had by all and big thanks to Muriel Gill and Judith Allen for providing the help on the day.
A huge thanks to Cwmamman for organising the day and to Paul Herbert super scorer.

Tivyside Championship show Sunday 25th March

Well folks.....what a truly wonderful day we all had.....a massive THANK YOU to Team Starlight for providing such a beautifully presented venue.

The day could not have been better weather wise and we had a great turnout...with some wonderful horses and ponies.
A big thank you goes to Alison Dowling for her excellent judging of the showing classes, ably assisted by Jenny Linfoot....to Intro and Prelim dressage judge Ginny Gristwood with writers Anne Thomas and Fiona Byford...Prelim and Novice judge Tammy Springett with writer Sarah Lewis.....refreshments Jenny Linfoot and Muriel......cakes...Jane Griffiths, Jenny Linfoot and Christine Selby....and scorer Chia James with door keeper Petra James.
The results and photos will be posted on the website tomorrow night.
Pic of Mr Weeedle with Jane Griffiths bieng presented with the ROR Championship and Trophy by our Chairman Muriel Gill
Results and Points League results

column 2



Evening Showjumping lessons at Bailey Farm are continuing.
Please contact Petra James on 07977 210660 to book in.

Anita Freter rallies at Bailey alternate Sunday's - 10.30 am and 11.30 am

Please book with Muriel 01239 614592/07940488301.


Big congratulations to Jo Collins and Tom Jones for taking overall 3rd prize in the National BRC Grass Roots Championships 2017

(Details on how to enter the Grass Roots competition are at the bottom of this web page)

British Riding Clubs Grassroots Dressage & Show Jumping competitions

The Grassroots Points League is a new opportunity for all BRC Members

All Dressage (Walk & Trot and Prelim Level) and Show Jumping (60cms & 70cms) competitors can gain points at BRC Club organised competitions. Area Qualifiers and National level competitions will not count.
Points can be gained when competing at BRC Club organised competitions only.

It's so simple, just follow these easy steps
1. Download and print your blank points card from the BRC website, and check out the rules at www.bhs.org.uk/enjoy-riding/british-riding-clubs.aspx
2. Compete at any Dressage (Walk & Trot and Prelim Level) or Show Jumping (60cms & 70cms) BRC Club organised competition.
3. Ask the Secretary at the event to confirm your placing with their signature.
4. Post your completed points card back to BRC HQ by the 7th of the following month.
5. Finally, wait for the results.

You may win a fantastic prize!

Rosettes, trophies and prizes are provided in kind, to include a training session with a world class trainer.